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So langsam spinnens…

Ich krieg ja tagtäglich die kuriosesten Mails, aber allmälich zweifle ich am klaren Menschenverstand dieser Spammer…

Folgende Mail schlug heute morgen bei mir ein:

I am Mr.Davidwest Isaac,Manager with IBA Bank Lome, Republic of Togo.
I got your contact from a close Associate of mine who works with the Togolese Chamber of Commerce and Industry upon my request for a trusted and reliable foreign businessman or company. He however gave me the assurance that you can be trusted to handle a transaction of this magnitude.

A German Mr.Wolfgang Schinister, 66 years of age and a prosperous farmer had in our Bank the sum of US$3.2m in a domiciliary account. He named his wife, Mrs.Helga Schinister as the next of kin.
Unfortunately, two of them were killed in the recent plane crash involving concord AF4590 in Gonesse, France. Effort had been made by the management of my Bank through the German Embassy in Lome-Togo to contact any of the deceased children but to no avail, as we were made to understand that the couple had no children owing to the skeletal information available to the Bank, it has so far been impossible to reach any of the relatives. The option left for the Bank management is to declare the deceased account dormant and revert the funds to trading on behalf of and in the interest of the Bank.

In order to avoid this development, my Colleagues and I now seek your permission to have you stand as a distant relative to Mr. and Mrs.Wolfgang Schinister,so that the funds would be released to you.
We will prepare a document to show that you are a German and a relative to Mr.Wolfgang. All documents and proofs to enable you get the funds will be carefully worked out on our receiving your consent to this proposal, we would immediately obtain for an order of mandamus from the Federal High Court of Justice on your behalf recognizing you as a bona-fide relative to the deceased and subsequent application for the release of the funds to you as the beneficiary, through the Central Bank Of Togolese.

May I assured you that this Transaction is 100% risk-free, as we have taken care of all necessary modalities to ensure a hitch-free transaction.
To this effect my colleagues and I have agreed to compensate you with 20% of the total sum US$3.2m for your kind assistance i.e provision of a nominated foreign account to accommodate the fund for us.

If this proposal is acceptable to you, please contact me strictly through my e-mail above for further details.

Best Regards.


Kurz gesagt ich hab angeblich ein Vermögen geerbt das auf ner Bank in „Togo“ liegt und die suchen jetzt jemanden der so blöd ist und denen die Story abnimmt 😀

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  1. Da bist du nicht allein, zu dem Kram gibt’s schon ne eigene Website:

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